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Future Prospects League Has Merged with Ohio Prospects League!

The Future Prospects League has merged with the Ohio Prospects League. Now there will be two divisions within the Ohio Prospects League.  A major division for the top teams in the area that wish to play against the top talent from around Northeast Ohio.  Then there will be a minor or hometown division.  Now the Ohio Prospects League has a division for all travel teams and all competition levels.  This allows for your team to maximize your ability as a coach by playing in close, competitive games  to teach your players on how to make the correct plays.

Although the OPL will encompass all of Northeast Ohio, including the Akron area, we will regionalize teams to keep travel at a minimum.  In each age group, there will be three regions--East, West and South.  And within each region, we will separate into two categories--Major and Minor.  In doing so, we will keep travel to a minimum and keep an equitable competition level.  We would like to create an opportunity to have a Northeast Ohio championship at every age group.

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If you have any questions please contact John Mengelkamp at 440-725-9293 or Dominic C. Gruttadauria at 440-942-3113

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    The Future Prospects League is now a part of the Ohio Prospects League.  Please go to and click on Team Application Form to sign up.